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Real Estate/Landlord Tenant

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Attorney Rachel Wolff provides experienced representation to buyers, sellers, brokers, property managers in all real estate transactions. Buying, selling, leasing a home today can be a complicated process, Real Estate law rights and privileges encompasses many different legal issues. The days of a Realtor’s, or big box store, boilerplate contract has gone by the wayside, yet still used today with so many loop holes. Real estate transactions are often a complex process, today’s market requires the service of an experienced real estate lawyer to represent your interests. Do not make a costly mistake! Having an experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorney can protect your legal rights. Before entering into a listing contract with a realtor, buying or selling real estate, call us to review a purchase & sales agreement, preparation of deed to sell your home, investigating the chain of ownership, discovering any liens or attachments, including environmental issues or summary process actions. Our experience in real estate law provides clients with preventing or resolving issues as they come along.

Often times, there are legal disputes that arise between landlord and tenants. Attorney Wolff can help mediate disputes by advising, counseling, and representing investors or tenants of your rights. Law Offices of Rachel A. Wolff & Associates, and its associates, protects your rights during an eviction process, draft, review and alter leases or rental agreements, handle lease violations, reviewing environmental concerns and code violations, such as lead paint, mold, allergens, meth labs, while defending or initiating proceedings for housing issues.