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Estate Planning/Elder Law

It is never too early, but often too late to plan your current and future wishes and legacy. Now is the time to start to think about estate planning to ensure your loved ones are cared for after you’re gone. Proper estate planning, no matter how large or small, provides the distribution of your assets, wealth, and final wishes after your life changing event. Hospitalization, incapacitation, nursing home, or death, with proper planning, may protect your home, savings, and other valuables from creditors while reducing taxes. Attorney Rachel Wolff is empathetic with her clients and councils for your eventual future, and knows how emotional the process of preparing for these events are. She helps every client throughout the entire process with expertise, professionalism, and a warm heart. Attorney Rachel Wolff is experienced in preplanning needs and expectations, designing a custom plan for your current and future estate protection and needs, including but not limited to estate and disability planning, caring for yourself or a loved one, transfer of assets, and carrying out your personal wishes. Proper planning eliminates dissention family arguments, guarantees your distribution of property, assets, cash, donations, and your everlasting legacy. Health care proxies, wills, trusts, life insurance, bequests, disability insurance have all changed over the years. Even if you have a plan created years ago, it may not be your intent as before. Attorney Rachel Wolff will review your documents to advise you if they require a “tune up” with some small additions or corrections.

“We’re so glad we had a plan in place. It saved all our life’s savings.
The Estate provided for our children and grandchildren.”

Grandchildren legacies.